Product Manufacturing

Flanges, Spools, adapters

Flanges, Spools, adapters

ASAP Industries Manufacturing manufactures high quality surface and wellhead equipment, such as, flanges, adapters, spools, sand separators, and plug catchers.

Custom Machining Capabilities

Custom machining to your engineered specifications

Custom machining to your engineered specifications

With our large Machine Tool profile, and the most talented, experienced and customer-focused manufacturing organization on the Gulf Coast, ASAP Industries Manufacturing offers a broad range of custom machining and manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands and expectations of our customers throughout the Oil & Gas Industry.

ASAP Custom Welding 

advanced welding procedures for high and low alloys

advanced welding procedures for high and low alloys

ASAP's welding capabilities are some of the most advanced in the industry. We have developed a large inventory of procedures that allow us to weld even the most demanding high and low alloys with SMAW (stick), GTAW (tig), SAW (subarc), GMAW (mig), and Robotic GMAW (robotic mig).



Many customers rely on ASAP for quick turnaround service for critical projects. We'€ve worked hard to establish our reputation as a "€go to" supplier capable of consistently meeting the most aggressive delivery schedules. But outstanding quality and competitive prices are every bit as important in today'€s business climate.

Consider the advantages ASAP provides:

  • We always maintain a large raw material inventory, to allow us to better meet quick turnaround projects

  • Knowledgeable Inside Sales organization to assist you in fully defining your requirements

  • Quality Management Systems ensure you receive highest quality equipment

  • In-house machining, welding, stress relieving, LPE, MPI, hardness testing and hydro testing

  • Pressure and flow control equipment repair

  • In-house drafting department

  • Project and Contract Management

  • Complete documentation packages

  • ASAP's fleet of dedicated trucks provides pick-up and delivery services for our Gulf Coast customers –€“ another way you'€ll save time and money