Custom MachiningASAP Industries maintains an extensive collection of Raw Material Inventory that can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage. All customers expect exceptional quality and reliability at a competitive price. In today'€™s Oil & Gas Industry, quoted delivery - and on-time delivery experience€“ are often deciding factors in the purchasing process. Our investment in raw stock inventory means we can quote shorter deliveries and quicker turnarounds for your time-sensitive equipment requirements. Our focus on Quality and On-Time Delivery means you'€™ll get it right the first time and right on time.

ASAP offers an extensive range of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel material which allows us to select the right stock for your job and will help you to achieve your short delivery requirements.

Examples of raw materials include:

  • Forged Blocks, Solid Discs, and Rings
  • Forged Round Bar and Square Bar stock
  • Forged and Rolled Tube stock

Every piece of raw material stock goes through non-destructive examination testing before it is ever released for use. And our inventory management system meticulously maintains traceability of all inventory. You can be sure your equipment will arrive with the necessary documentation and reports to keep you in compliance with industry regulations.

Raw Material Inventory    Raw Material Inventory Raw Material Inventory        Raw Material Inventory    Raw Material Inventory 

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