Custom Machining

Safety is no accident. Creating and maintaining a safe workplace environment is everyone's responsibility. ASAP Industries is committed to the continual improvement of workplace and workforce safety throughout all company facilities.

The Safety Program at ASAP is designed to educate employees in safe work practices and to consistently maintain a positive safety culture throughout our business. Every new employee completes a comprehensive Safety Initiation before they enter the workplace, regardless of their position. All employees are fully trained in our EHS (Environmental, Health, & Safety) policies, procedures and PPE. Every visitor to ASAP receives a Visitor Safety Initiation to ensure their personal safety while in our facilities. Every employee  and visitors alike €“ have Stop Work Authority, in the event they see any activity they believe creates a safety threat of any kind.

Our disciplined approach demonstrates a continuing commitment to protect employee health and safety, and extends to the local environment in which we conduct our operations. Our safety policies and on-going training, along with Weekly and Monthly Safety Meetings and our Employee Safety Committee, ensure ASAP maintains not only a safe workplace, but an educated and safety-focused workforce, as well.


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