They say you are known by the company you keep. ASAP Industries is proud our customer base includes the biggest and most recognizable names in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

For Oil & Gas Original Equipment Manufacturers in need of contract precision machining and manufacturing services, ASAP serves as an extension of their own in-house manufacturing organization. Because our Safety Program, Quality Management Systems, and our commitment to On-Time Delivery mirror those of their own organizations, our OEM customers have found ASAP to be a trusted machining and manufacturing partner.

We work closely with all Original Equipment Manufacturers to remain strategically relevant within their own business and growth plans. OEMs rely on ASAP for many different reasons:

  • An outsourcing partner to overcome production shortfalls
  • Quick turnaround to meet an immediate requirement
  • As a critical supply partner for their Stocking Parts Programs
  • Short-run and "€œorphan"€ product lines

Custom Manufacturing & Repair

  • Drilling
  • Oilfield Service
  • Fracking
  • Equipment Rental
  • Custom Equipment Engineering and Design


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